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RHE Consultation

(Relationships and health education)

Thank you for visiting our RHE consultation page.


As you may have heard, the Government have made RHE teaching at primary schools compulsory (statutory) from the Summer term 2021 onwards.  We have been working very hard to adapt our current programme to fit with the new expectations and we are pleased to report there are not that many changes we need to make.  We are now holding a period of consultation for our policy and our vision for RHE at St Paulinus.  The consultation will finish on Monday 22nd February 2021.

The main thing for you to be aware of is that there is a key difference between RHE and RSE.  RHE (Relationships and health education) is taught at primary schools and RSE (relationships and sex education is taught in secondary schools).  The powerpoint below will explain more about what RHE (or RPSHE as we are calling it) will look like at St Paulinus.

RPSHE – parent consultation

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RHE Policy

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Letter to parents RHE consultation

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What is a consultation?


A consultation is where different members of our community (that’s staff, pupils and parents) can read the information about the changes and the outline of the programme, explore some of the resources and can have an opportunity to offer helpful comments or ask questions.  Following our consultation, all comments and questions will be read by School and where possible or practical changes may be made.  These are then reported to Governors and the policy will be approved.  An example of this is that during the staff consultation, teachers identified some further resources to add to the list linked to online safety so the policy was adapted to add those in.


On this page you will find:

  • A simple powerpoint to explain RHE and what we will and will not be teaching. This includes the FAQs we have received from parents so far.
  • The draft policy – version 2 which will either be adapted or approved by Governors
  • Links to some of the resources we may use in our teaching

After viewing the powerpoint, please send any further questions or helpful comments via email to – these will be shared with Governors.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Hayes


Links to some resources we will use:

Online safety:


Keeping ourselves safe:


Living in the wider community:


We will also link to people in our community including:

  • School nurse
  • PCSOs
  • Emergency service workers e,g. the fire department
  • Road safety officers etc