Our Topic ‘Forces’ covered gravity, push and pull. To apply the knowledge they acquired, the children constructed parachutes changing variables to improve the efficiency of their parachutes.


In Maths, the children used multilink cubes to visualise fractions and understand better than a fraction is the representation of a part of the whole. The use of concrete apparatus helped with the visualisation of the fraction making it easier for the children when...

Features of Persuasion

As part of our persuasive unit, we looked at the features of persuasion. the children worked in pairs to highlight all the features they learned in class. The work will lead to the children taking part in a debate defending and convincing others to adhere to their...

Father Damien

The children worked in a group to research the life of Father Damien, an inspirational person who helped people with physical, spiritual, and emotional needs who had contracted leprosy. Father Damien put the needs of others before himself contracting leprosy himself...

China Day 5J

As part of our Topic, we spent the whole day looking at the Chinese culture. The children had a taste of some Chinese food, they made lanterns and constructed a dragon.