5J Poetry

5J practised poetry based on truth and lie! They looked at newspaper and using the headlines, decided what could make fake news and what could be real news. They had fun and created the most amazing poems using their imagination and sense of humor!...

Our New Library

St Paulinus Primary School has launched its new library! The children enjoy their moment of escapism and take advantage to choose their own book and read or share a book with their friends. .     

All About Me

Today is World Poetry Day. In nursery, we celebrated by learning a poem called ‘All about me’ and added in some actions. We chose this poem because our current topic is ‘Let’s celebrate’ and we are learning about ourselves including all the wonderful things our bodies...

Character descriptions ……….

As we are writing a character’s description, the children were asked to empathise with objects and as a group, pretended to be this object. This developed their team skills and allowed them to think laterally about how to use all children to form one object....

Drama Workshop

Year 5 received the visit of a Drama group who spent an hour with the class. They discovered the art of freeze-frame and used their deductive skills to empathise with the characters. The children had fun taking part and relating to different cultures. .