Eurovision Part 2

Part two Now that the children know what Eurvision songs are being sung, they want to discuss what will happen on the day of the Eurovision song contest. Some of our podcast team will be taking part in the singing. .

Eurovision part one

The children are preparing for the annual talent event Eurovision. Each class takes part and has become a firm favourite event in the Spring Term calendar. The children discuss how the performers are chosen and what themes decide the songs they will be singing.

Happy New Year

Our first week back at school and the children wanted to discuss The New Year celebrations.  Happy New Year everyone.  

The Shoebox Appeal

This week the children talk about one of the schools favourite charities the Shoebox Appeal. This year we have gathered 101 shoeboxes.    

Remembrance Day

The school paid their respect to everyone who lost their lives in the wars with a 2 minutes silence. This week our children discuss what they know about Remembrance day and also other ways we remember the dead in November. .