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Class Teacher

Miss Goodall

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Class HLTA

Mrs Spencer



Mrs Bellwood

Class 2G curriculum

Spring term

Our topic this term is Incredible Inventions

During this term we will be looking at some Incredible Inventions from around the world that made History. The children will also be given the opportunity to design, develop, create and evaluate their very own chocolaty invention!


As artists we will :

  • Create pictures of the Fire of London using different mediums
  • Paint 1666 houses
  • Create Titanic port holes
  • Create portraits of people linked to the disasters



R.E. – As theologians we will :

  • Retell the story of Jairus’ Daughter, Ten Lepers, Feeding of the 5000.
  • Use religious words to describe signs and symbols of Lent.
  • Describe some ways that people can act in Lent.
  • Discuss Jesus’ feelings towards the Ten Lepers.
  • Be able to give reasons to be thankful.
  • Retell the story of the last supper.
  • Describe the signs and symbols of the Mass.
  • Respond to questions about giving and receiving.




Literacy – As writers and communicators we will :

  • Write a set of instructions.
  • Write a   recount.
  • Write a diary entry.
  • Write a letter.


For all of the above we will be looking at specific sentence structure and the features we need to use in order to be able to write each one.



PSHE – We will:

  • Learn about keeping safe at home and at school.
  • Learn about the role of medicines and household products and how they can be harmful if not used properly.
  • Practise asking for help with situations we are unsure about.




Geography– As geographers we will :

  • Explore which country has the most advanced technology and why.
  • Map the journey of a cocoa bean.



Design and Technology

Design Technology – As designers we will :

  • Design, create and evaluate our own chocolate bar.
  • Look at the process and stages of developing a product.


Mathematics – As mathematicians we will :

  • Know the place value of 2 and 3 digit numbers.
  • Know our number bonds to 10 and 20.
  • Compare and order numbers to 100. Use < and >
  • Add and subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers.
  • Recognise and name 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Count in steps of 2, 3 and 5.
  • Use multiplication and division facts for 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables.
  • Recognise odd and even numbers.
  • Recognise, find, name and write fractions, 1/3, 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4.
  • Use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement.
  • To tell the time to 5 minutes including quarter past and quarter to.
  • Construct pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and simple tables and ask and answer questions about them.
  • Problem solving will be included in ALL areas of numeracy.



Science – As scientists we will :

  • Classify and identify different animals.
  • Look at growth and basic needs of humans, animals and plants.
  • Identify different body parts.
  • Look at similarities and differences between animals that live in warm and cold climates.


Physical education

P.E. – As athletes we will :

  • Learn about different gymnastics and games techniques



Computing – We will :

  • Look at online safety and the importance of it.
  • Look at spreadsheets and how they are used.


Music – As musicians we will :

  • Listen to different environment noises and sort them according to their particular sound.
  • Use a variety of different percussion instruments to represent the sound of the environment.


History – As historians we will :

  • Look at famous inventions from the past
  • Explore how technology has evolved
  • Study significant individuals in the world of inventions.



Homework, Times tables and Spellings

The children will need to read at home and practise their sounds on a weekly basis to help with their writing. This term we are not sending spelling lists home. Instead children will be taking part in sentence dictation on Friday afternoons. Children will hear a sentence and will have to write it from memory after hearing it three times.  HFW’s and common exception words will be used in these sentences.  We will begin to test the children on their 2, 5 and 10 timetables on a Friday so these will be sent home to learn weekly.  Please begin to practise these with your child at home. 

Homework will be sent out on a Friday and MUST be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday.  It will build on what the children have been learning about in class.  Homework will consist of times tables/ number bonds, a maths piece and an English piece.


The children will continue to read as much as possible in school to an adult on a weekly basis. Children will receive two reading books which MUST be returned to school every day. Please ensure that your child reads their reading book with someone at home every night, as this has a very positive impact on their progress across the curriculum. Reading records will be given to the children for parents to fill out as and when their child reads during the week at home. Please use the question sheets we will be sending home to support their comprehension. Don’t forget to use Bug Club.


  • Reading – The children will have individual reading sessions as often as possible throughout the week.
  • They must bring their reading books to school every day.
  • We will not be able to listen to your child read every day but when there is opportunity it would be beneficial for them to be in school.
  • They will receive two reading books which MUST be returned to school every day.
  • Their books will then be changed once a week or when necessary.
  • Their books will then be changed once a week or when necessary.  
  • Please ensure that your child reads their reading book with someone at home and that the adult questions the understanding of the text read. So we know your child has read, please comment in their reading record.

School Trips

 There will be no school trip this year. 

Year 2 Assemblies

Our year group Holy Week Assembly will take be on Thursday 2nd April at 2:00 am

PE Important Information

  • A P.E. kit consists of: a white t-shirt, blue (or black) shorts, and a pair of pumps (indoor use) / sports trainers for outdoor use, which they should leave in school.  As an optional extra, a dark coloured pair of jogging trousers and a jumper can also be worn when we are outside / during the winter months.
  •  If your child has pierced ears, it would be much appreciated if you could remove their earrings on each morning of P.E.  Please note that staff are not able to remove them or cover them, so this will result in your child not taking part in our P.E. lesson and an alternative task will be provided for the child, this is due to health and safety reasons.  Long hair must be tied back.
  • Please ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school at all times.  All P.E. kit must be labeled clearly with your child’s name.  If it becomes lost, it can easily be returned to the rightful owner. If your child does not have their P.E. kit in school you may receive a text message to inform you that they need it for the following week.

Our Class Blog

What happens in our class? have a look at all the blog post direct from the classroom. 

Christmas at St. Paulinus 2019

Christmas at St. Paulinus 2019

As the calendar year for 2019 draws to an end we hope you have a happy and holy Christmas. Here are the Christmas production highlights for 2019 . https://vimeo.com/380447129   Key Stage One sing us out with their carol service  ........... see you next year. ....

Our new Library

Our new Library

On the 15th of November, our local MP came and led an assembly where she shared with the children her love of reading. Her favourite book was the MagicFaraway Tree by Enid Blyton. The children were enthused by her and asked many questions. She then officially opened...

Londons Burning with Year 2

Londons Burning with Year 2

Today we have used our model houses to create our very own Pudding Lane. We set fire to the houses and watched the fire spread from house to house, just like in the fire of London in 1666. We invited Dewsbury Fire Service into school to put out the fire. Once the fire...

Topics Displays

Topics Displays

Throughout school we have some fantastic topics that we are looking into. Our topic displays are eye catching and show a variety of learning skills through History, Geography, Art and DT. After each lesson children’s work is displayed under the question that they have...

Our New Library

Our New Library

St Paulinus Primary School has launched its new library! The children enjoy their moment of escapism and take advantage to choose their own book and read or share a book with their friends. .     

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