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Class Teacher

Mr Cameron

Hi, I’m Mr Cameron. I am a Year 4 class teacher (class 4C)
and the school’s Science

Class ETA

Class ETA

Miss McNally

Hello, I’m Miss McNally, I’ll be looking after your child’s education
for the next
academic year.

Class ETA

Class ETA

Mrs Halford

Hi, my name is Mrs. Halford and I am currently working in Year 3 as an ETA. My three sons came to the school so I have many happy memories of their time here, as well as my own as a member of staff.

Class 4C curriculum

Autumn term

Our topic question this term is

‘How did the Battle of Britain change World War 2?’

The topic will extend through many subject areas including literacy, history and geography.

It will particularly give children a great insight to what life was like during the Second World War.

Our topic will use many skills learnt throughout the year resulting in children writing explanation texts to give reasons for the outbreak of war. We will use pictures, films and reports as a stimulus for describing the Blitz.  This is a very interesting topic drawing on many skills with lots of meaningful activities, giving the children a deeper understanding of this important event.



  • Look at the mission of the Church and what Jesus wanted his disciples to complete.
  • We will our place in the Church and look at what we have to do to become part of the Church community.


  • Write explanation texts to give reasons for the outbreak of war. We will use pictures, films and reports as a stimulus for describing the Blitz.
  • We will debate the arguments for and against evacuating the children to the countryside.
  • We will write letters and stories describing the experiences and feelings of evacuees.
  • We will use a variety of information sources to ask and answer questions.


  • As caring citizens, we will be looking at bullying and how to help those who are being bullied.
  • Be looking at the differences between legal and illegal drugs and the risks associated with them.
  • Be learning about diversity and the importance of equality.


  • Look at reasons for war breaking out.
  • We will consider how it affected people’s everyday lives in our local area.
  • We will particularly focus on children who were evacuated to the countryside.


  • Learn about the countries involved in World War II.
  • Be able to identify the continents and countries of both sides on a world map.

Design and Technology

  • Look at examples of wartime shelters.
  • Design, make and evaluate our own Anderson shelter. We will also spend some time looking at wartime recipes.


  • Be using different methods for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
  • Revise our basic skills and place value.
  • Problem-solving will be ongoing throughout the term.
  • Learn to understand and use equivalences between metric units and common imperial units such as inches, pounds and pints.
  • Use all four operations to solve problems involving measure (e.g. length, mass, volume, money) using decimal notation including.
  • Identify lines of symmetry in 2D shapes and recognise and describe the features of 3D shapes.


  • Identify how sounds are made and recognise they get fainter as we get further away. We will experiment with different sounds.
  • We will identify that animals need the correct nutrition. We will describe the way food and water move within We will describe simple functions of our digestive system and identify different types of teeth.

Physical education

  • Take part in outdoor games (football).
  • We will also look at the games played by children in the 1940s.
  • We will plan and perform a dance sequence linked to the Blitz.


  • Use software programs.
  • Develop and design updated versions of 1940s toys.
  • Design modern day games.


  • Perform songs associated with WWII in solo and choral ensemble contexts.
  • Accompany using tuned percussion and following notation.
  • Compose music to accompany Blitz Drama.
  • Listen to music from composers of this period – Time Line Listening.


  • Look at a variety of wartime propaganda posters.
  • Design and make our own posters for a particular purpose (e.g. Dig for Victory).
  • Plan, create and evaluate an emotive piece of artwork to portray our feelings about WWII.


This will be handed out on a Thursday and MUST be completed and returned to school by the following Thursday. 

Children will have an independent reading book which will be brought home on a daily basis and MUST be returned to school every day.  Children can be reading their own independent book from home or class reading area once they have finished the given book and completed a book review.  Children’s independent reading books are changed once a week in school.  Reading records are to be completed each time you listen to your child read at home.

School Trips

To support Year 4 with their history topic ‘How did the Battle of Britain change World War 2?’, we have arranged for the children to go to Eden Camp, Malton. Please see Year 4 teachers or Mrs Watt regarding any problems with payment.

Year 4 Assemblies

Our class assembly will take place on Friday, 9th November at  14:30.

Our Class Blog

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