Class Teacher

Class Teacher

Mrs Joyce

Hello, my name is Mrs Joyce and I am the class teacher of 5J. I really enjoy working with your children and supporting them to reach their full potential.

Class ETA

Class ETA

Mrs Oakley

Hi, my name is Mrs Oakley. I am an ETA in Year 5. I have worked at St. Paulinus since 2005 and have worked in most year groups during my time here.

Class Teacher

Class Teacher

Mrs Garforth

I’m Mrs Garforth,
I’ll be looking after your
child’s education for the
next academic year.


Class ETA

Class ETA

Miss Bruines

I’m Miss Bruines,
I’ll be looking after your
child’s education for the
next academic year. 


Class ETA

Class ETA

Mrs. Berla

I’m Mrs Berla,
I’ll be looking after your
child’s education for the
next academic year.


Class 5J curriculum

Autumn term

Our topic this term is

Art, Music and Culture through the study of China.

The topic will extend through many subject areas including English, history and geography.

Our topic will use many skills learnt throughout the term resulting in children writing about this fascinating country using many writing structures.  Children will have the opportunity to use their artistic skills this term along with their designing skills to plan and design Willow patterns.  They will also devise a Puppet Show using shadows. This is a very exciting topic drawing on many skills with lots of fun and meaningful activities enabling this topic to be stimulating and fun.



As theologians we will :

Inspirational People :

  • Reflect on what it means to be an inspirational person
  • Reflect on what it means to be a follower of Jesus
  • Know the story of a person who showed great love for    others
  • Know how Jesus described a true disciple
  • Reflect on the life of a person who showed great love for those rejected by society

Reconciliation :

  • Understand the sacrament of reconciliation
  • Reflect on wrong choices
  • Reflect on the consequences of our actions
  • Know than sin hurts us, others and our relationships with God
  • Know and understand the story of ‘The Lost Son’
  • Understand that God loves us and forgives us if we are truly s



As writers and communicators we will :

  • Be writing diary entries based around the novels ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’
  • Be looking at the features of persuasive writing:
  • In a persuasive letter regarding endangered animals.
  • In a holiday brochure to visit China.



As caring citizens we will:

  • Be looking at and discussing the Journey in Love syllabus for Year 5 ‘God loves me in my changing and development.’
  • Be learning about citizenship and Children’s Rights.



As artists we will :

  • Design and create a Terracotta Warrior using clay.
  • Use watercolors to create colourful calligraphy names.
  • Plan and make Chinese lanterns using various materials.



 As musicians we will : 

  • Play and perform in solo ensemble contexts using cyclic patterns, listening and recalling patterns.
  • Utilise pitch and notation
  • Use the Pentatonic scale as the basis for improving and     composing music linked to ‘The Willow Tree Story’
  • Listen to Eastern music





As mathematicians we will :

  • Be continuing to use different methods for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We will also be revising our basic skills and place value. Problem solving will be ongoing throughout the term.
  • Identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a reflection or translation using the appropriate language, and know that the shape has not changed.
  • Identify, name and write equivalent fractions of a given     fraction
  • Convert between different units of measure (kilometre and metre; metre and centimetre; centimetre and millimetre; kilogram and gram; litre and millilitre).
  • Complete read and interpret information in tables including time
  • Understand and use basic equivalences between metric units and common imperial units such as inches, pounds and pints.
  • Use all four operations to solve problems involving measure (e.g. length, mass, volume, money) using decimal notation.
  • Convert between different units of measure (kilometre and metre; metre and centimetre; centimetre and millitre;        kilogram and gram; litre and millilitre).
  • Understand and use basic equivalences between metric units and common imperial units such as inches, pounds and pints.
  • Estimate volume and capacity
  • Solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in a line graph.
  • Interpret negative numbers in context count forwards and backwards with positive and negative numbers. Read Roman numerals to 1000
  • Divide numbers up to four digits a one digit number using the formal written method of short division
  • Identify the differences between 2D and 3D shapes



As scientists we will :

Study materials and their properties where we will:

  • Compare and group materials based on their properties.
  • Discuss and explore why particular materials are used for different jobs.
  • Investigate materials that can dissolve.
  • Investigate reversible and irreversible materials.

Physical education

As athletes we will :

  • Play net and field games / Test our flexibility in gymnastics


We are web developers. We will :

  • Analyse computer games.
  • Design and create our own game.
  • Evaluate and improve of our game and those of our peers.
  • Find out the importance of having a secure password.
  • Learn how to stay safe on the web.
  • Work together to outline common expectations in order to build a strong digital citizenship community.



As geographers we will :

  • Study and research the geography of China.  This will include :
  • Climates zone, topography, population, physical and human features
  • Using atlases to label the map of China and find the location and height of Everest
  • Suggest possible reasons why cities have developed in the east of the country and close to rivers
  • Find information out about major cities in China
  • Investigate the features of the main rivers



Homework will be given out on a Friday and MUST be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday.  

Children will have an independent reading book which is kept in school as we regularly read with your child (ren). However, every week, the children borrow a book from our new library. This is taken home for you to read with your child (or independently). These books need to be returned every Thursday.  

School Trips

There is no trip planned in this term.

Year 5 Assemblies

 Our Year group Holy Week  Assembly will take place on Friday 3rd April at 9:30. 

PE Important Information

  • A P.E. kit consists of: a white t-shirt, blue (or black) shorts, and a pair of pumps (indoor use) / sports trainers for outdoor use, which they should leave in school.  As an optional extra, a dark coloured pair of jogging trousers and a jumper can also be worn when we are outside / during the winter months.
  •  If your child has pierced ears, it would be much appreciated if you could remove their earrings on each morning of P.E.  Please note that staff are not able to remove them or cover them, so this will result in your child not taking part in our P.E. lesson and an alternative task will be provided for the child, this is due to health and safety reasons.  Long hair must be tied back.
  • Please ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school at all times.  All P.E. kit must be labeled clearly with your child’s name.  If it becomes lost, it can easily be returned to the rightful owner. If your child does not have their P.E. kit in school you may receive a text message to inform you that they need it for the following week. 


Our Class Blog

What happens in our class? have a look at all the blog post direct from the classroom. 

Jack Et Les Haricots Magiques

Jack Et Les Haricots Magiques

As part of their French lesson, year 5 children have practiced retelling the story by enacting it. Jack et sa maman habitent une maison. Ils sont pauvres. La maman de Jack avait une vache et  a demander à son filsd'aller vendre au marché. En chemin Jack rencontre...

Christmas at St. Paulinus 2019

Christmas at St. Paulinus 2019

As the calendar year for 2019 draws to an end we hope you have a happy and holy Christmas. Here are the Christmas production highlights for 2019 . https://vimeo.com/380447129   Key Stage One sing us out with their carol service  ........... see you next year. ....

Our new Library

Our new Library

On the 15th of November, our local MP came and led an assembly where she shared with the children her love of reading. Her favourite book was the MagicFaraway Tree by Enid Blyton. The children were enthused by her and asked many questions. She then officially opened...

Topics Displays

Topics Displays

Throughout school we have some fantastic topics that we are looking into. Our topic displays are eye catching and show a variety of learning skills through History, Geography, Art and DT. After each lesson children’s work is displayed under the question that they have...

5J Poetry

5J Poetry

5J practised poetry based on truth and lie! They looked at newspaper and using the headlines, decided what could make fake news and what could be real news. They had fun and created the most amazing poems using their imagination and sense of humor! .

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