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Class Teacher

Mr Hutton

Class Teacher

Class Teacher

Miss Duarte

Class ETA

Class ETA

Mrs Smith

Class 6H curriculum

Summer term

Our theme this term is …   

Why was the Islamic civilization (around AD900)
known as the ‘Golden Age’?


As theologians we will study:

Called to Serve:

  • Become aware of Jesus’ teaching and example of service.
  • Recognise that God has given us gifts/talents to use in the service of God and people.
  • Be aware of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Understand that we receive these gifts in the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • Reflect on some of the different ways we can serve God.
  • Learn about the Sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders

Faith in Action:

  • To recognise that God created all human beings in his image.
  • To understand the corporal works of mercy.


As writers and communicators (we will :

  • Extend narrative writing – including flashbacks (using “The Piano’ Aidan Gibbons’ and ‘The Wonder’ by RJ Palacio as stimulus)
  • Write a diary entry (autobiographical) based on a character’s life and experiences.
  • Write a balanced and/or persuasive argument on a chosen topic relating to our History/Geography themes.
  • Non-chronological Report based on a product or a place.


We will study:

  • What will change as we become more independent? How do friendships change as we grow?
  • Ed – Transition and Resilience.


Creating text adventures

  • What is a text adventure?
  • Deciding what information to include in a presentation about a particular mountain and its game.
  • Presenting information using ICT

Studying networks

  • Studying different networks.
  • Comparing school and global networks.
  • Effective methods for researching.


As geographers we will study:

  • Environmental issues our planet is facing.
  • How to tackle waste through recycling.
  • Climate change and how it affects our planet.
  • What causes air pollution and how to reduce it.
  • How to protect our seas/oceans, forests etc.
  • The work of environmentalists (Greta Thunberg)

Design and Technology

As designers we will :

  • Develop their knowledge, understanding and skills of the designing and making processes through using ?????


As historians/geographers we will  study the golden age of civilization looking at how this contributed to society today. What did this ‘Golden Age’ give the world?

  • Who is the Prophet Muhammad and how was he associated with the Golden Age?
  • What can you find out about the ‘House of Wisdom’?
  • What part did the ‘Golden Age’ have in improving health care?
  • What can you discover about the art and culture of the ‘Golden Age’?
  • Why did the ‘Golden Age’ come to an end?


As mathematicians we will :

  • Investigate the area of triangles and parallelograms
  • Learn how to calculate the volume of cuboids
  • Be introduced to the ratio symbol
  • Use scale factors to solve ratio and proportion problems
  • Read and interpret line graphs and pie charts
  • Calculate the mean
  • Work out missing angles
  • Use protractors
  • Draw 3D nets


As scientists we will :

‘Living things and their Habitats’

  • This topic introduces the concept of identifying and classifying living things into broad groups according to common observable characteristics.

Electricity :

  • Use and identify symbols for circuits.
  • Investigate conductors and insulators.
  • Draw and build circuits.
  • Investigate the impact of different components in a circuit.

Physical education

As athletes we will :

  • Develop our cricket, rounder’s and athletics skills.
  • Develop our gymnastics skills – plan, practice and perform sequences.
  • Improve our coordination with use of dance mats
  • Improve our fitness levels.


We will :

  • Solve problems, using a variety of software
  • Learn to use technology safely and responsibly.


As artists we will study collage:

  • explore ideas about the work of Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso’s Cubist work.
  • They will be able to use materials and processes to communicate ideas, methods and approaches in their own and others’ work.


As musicians we will :

  • Develop their knowledge, understanding and skills of the structure of musical compositions through the online musical platform ‘Charanga’.


As linguists we will study :

  • Famous French people
  • The French Revolution & The Tour de France


All homework will be given out on Mondays to be completed in their homework book. Spellings will be given out on Mondays to learn for Friday’s test. English (reading comprehension and/or grammar & punctuation task) and Maths will be handed out the same day and MUST be completed and returned by the Friday of that same week. This gives the children enough time to see their class teacher if they are struggling plus we realise the importance of having family time at the weekend.

The purpose of this work is to consolidate the learning from class and to prepare them for more intensive homework at high school. It is therefore extremely important that this work is completed. Any children who fail to bring/complete their homework will have to complete it during their playtime. If a child does not complete their homework three times in a half-term a letter will go home.

Reading – Children will have an independent reading book which will be brought home. It must be returned to school once read. Children can be reading their own independent book from home or school library/class reading area once they have finished the given book and completed a book review.

Children’s independent reading books are changed as and when required in school. It is your child’s responsibility to make sure a member of staff in class is aware that the book needs changing. Reading records are to be completed each time you listen to your child read at home. Equally, your child can complete the record by mentioning the pages read and whether they have enjoyed it or not.

As we are unable to have a Welcome Evening this year, if you have any questions or concerns please contact your child’s class teacher via email: or by contacting the school office and arranging a telephone appointment.

PE Important Information

Physical Education (P.E.) – will take place in both classes on Thursday and Friday afternoons, so under the new guidelines, children must come to school in their P.E. kits ready for lessons.

The St Paulinus P.E. kit consists of: a white t-shirt with the school logo, blue (or black) shorts, and a pair of pumps. As an optional extra, a dark coloured pair of jogging trousers and a school PE hoodie or jumper can also be worn when we are outside / during the winter months. Children must come to school in their PE kits on their PE days and will stay in their PE kits throughout the day.

In addition, the only jewellery permitted in school is a pair of plain small stud earrings.  If your child has pierced ears, then they need to remove their earrings on each morning of P.E. 

Please note that staff are not able to remove earrings, so this will result in your child not taking part in our P.E. lessons and an alternative task will be provided for the child, this is due to health and safety reasons. 

Long hair must be tied back. 

Please ensure your child wears their PE kit on their PE days.  If your child does not come to school in their P.E. kit, you may receive a text message to inform you that they need it for the following week.  All P.E. kit and School uniform must be labelled clearly with your child’s name.  If it becomes lost, it can then be easily returned to the rightful owner.

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Le Trois Boucs Bourru

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Christmas at St. Paulinus 2019

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Our new Library

Our new Library

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Topics Displays

Topics Displays

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