Look at the amazing things going on in Music at St Paulinus

Curriculum Intent:

How do we intend to achieve our curriculum vision in Music lessons?

At St Paulinus, Music is taught as a whole class subject by the class teacher using an internet based scheme called ‘Charanga.’ This scheme allows all children, no matter what ability, to engage with music lessons in a fun and engaging way. Music is concerned with the creative, aesthetic and emotional response to rhythmic combinations of sounds. Throughout each year group, the children will develop each of the interrelated skills of performing, composing and appraising in all activities and extend these skills by applying listening skills and understanding of music; the progression in skills document highlights how this develops through each year.

Our aim is to make music a fun, lively and interesting lesson using a range of instruments and tools to make it a hands on experience. We also look at music through worships and understanding that we are celebrating God’s presence in our lives. We recognise that music is an opportunity for many children to showcase their own musical talents and achieve their full potential. Through the music scheme, children will compare and look at a range of musical genres from a range of cultures; this will develop their respect for other cultures. Children with Educational Needs will be able to thrive in music lessons, as they will be able to express themselves in ways they cannot in core subjects. They will be taught through a hands on and lively approach, ensuring that they are engaged throughout.

Curriculum Implementation:

What does Music teaching look like?

Music is taught through lots of singing and games to expose children to the musical terminology needed. Children are always actively doing something in the lesson, whether that be singing, clapping or moving to a rhythm or composing their own music. We aim to help pupils know more, remember more and do more by implementing high challenge, low threat and having an emphasis on being active and joining in with all activities.  

Children are given lots of opportunities throughout the year to showcase their musical ability; Eurovision and Christmas productions being two of the main events of the year. At St Paulinus, we also have a Choir who take part in lots of events throughout the year. We sing for the elderly, turned on the Christmas lights in Dewsbury and taken part in a number of workshops.

Curriculum impact:

What do our outcomes in Music look like? How successful is our Music teaching?:

You can see some of the impact of our curriculum in the work at the top of the page.  We also have some quotes from children when asked about their Music lessons…