Art Curriculum

Look at the amazing things going on in Art at St Paulinus

Curriculum Intent:

How do we intend to achieve our curriculum vision in Art lessons?

We are committed to ensuring the arts are available to all children at St. Paulinus Catholic Primary School, through the planned curriculum and also extra-curricular activities. From the first days in The Early Years, through to Year 6, art and design play an integral part in our pupils’ school lives, through the opportunity for creativity and the celebration of that creativity.

Curriculum Implementation:

What does Art teaching look like?

In accordance with the School Mission Statement and Special Needs Policy, curriculum planning will cover the different areas and objectives of the National Curriculum, in order to cater for pupils of differing abilities.  Teaching, content and outcome will take into account the specific needs of some pupils.  Differentiation will be by task and by outcome.  For some children who are not academically gifted, art will be a means of expressing their creativity and achieving success.

Each child will have equal opportunity to experience various art activities.  Art will be studied from different eras, cultures, societies and places.

In Foundation Stage, art and design is integrated throughout the continuous curriculum and available constantly as well as being taught and extended through adult initiated activities.

In KS1 art and design is taught within the usual weekly curriculum as well as children in Year 1 having access to creative activities as continuous provision. We aim for a cross curricular approach as well as a stand-alone art and design curriculum, threading the arts through other subjects. Schemes of work are used and there is good communication between staff to ensure a progression in skills and experiences.

In KS2, art and design again is taught within the usual weekly curriculum and is threaded through other subjects to enhance learning. Artwork is valued and carefully displayed in school. All pupils create artwork in a variety of ways and explore the work of famous artists in ICT. We use Arts Super Learning Day and creative activities to enhance and consolidate learning.

As a Catholic School, with Christ at the centre of all we do, we will continue to feed the arts into our worship, through artwork, singing and dance within the liturgy.

Curriculum impact:

What do our outcomes in Art look like? How successful is our Art teaching?: