Next parent consultations Tuesday 19th October and Wednesday 20th October 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm

“I found the parents evening very informative and gave us a good insight into how our child is progressing.”

“A big change in curriculum means more effort needed by the school teachers and parents at the same time. I must say this challenge has been taken by teachers very confidently. Here I would like to suggest regarding spellings (vocabulary) that has been given to the children on weekly basis, if the teachers tell the meanings of those words regularly in their discussion. In this way you’re going to see a remarkable progress in their vocabulary. Thanks.”

“Mrs. Allerton’s input regarding Billy was thoughtful and concise, a real pleasure.”

“Lovely to see her books and her work. Very pleased with all comments and Mrs. Allerton pushing her to suit ability. Very grateful.”

“No problems. Teacher explained my child’s progress well.”

“Very good consultation about my child, felt I could ask all questions of concern. Great school!”

“School provide a safe happy environment for my child. No concerns. Thank you.”

“Very informative parents evening. Lovely school.”

“Everything been very clear.”

“My son likes to come to school. He met a lot of friends. He likes all lessons.”

“Mrs. Allerton’s input regarding Billy was thoughtful and concise, a real pleasure.”

“Really pleased with how happy Morgan is at St. Paulinus. Thanks.”

“Very pleased with our son’s progress so far. Happy with teachers and facilities. Great support from staff.”

“Great response from both teachers.”

“Very informative parents evening. Points given for moving forward in child’s growth.”

“Very good teacher explains everything well and honestly. Tells me where Maya needs to be improved and need hard work. Very good idea to have consultations, you know more between teacher and student working and helping.”

“Impressed as always with parents evening consultations. Lots of info and how to push child forward.”

“Pleased with the new system for reports and targets for the year which are set in Autumn 1, so gives the parents a clear idea of where the child needs to be at the end of the year.”

“Very caring staff – highly praising of students. Speak in a fantastic positive manner and cares holistically for our children.”

“We are really pleased with Lenny’s progress at school and the help he receives. He enjoys coming to school everyday and is happy with his teachers.”