Pupil Premium Grant 

Pupil premium was introduced to schools by the Department of Education in 2011. It is additional funding allocated to the school to support groups of children who are vulnerable to possible under-achievement. These include children who are or have been entitled to Free School Meals in the last six years (Ever 6) and those who are looked after by the Local Authority.

The amount per pupil in primary phase is now £1345.

OFSTED look closely at how schools target and spend the pupil premium and how these pupils perform.

At St Paulinus, it is the intention of the Governing Body to use this money to benefit as many pupils as possible as effectively as possible. Therefore the Pupil Premium will be used to contribute towards:

Improving existing provision rather than making fundamental changes.
Facilitating the longer term practice in teaching and learning.
Enabling current support to continue and impact on more pupils
Enabling a more effective roll out of currently used successful interventions.
Expanding the teaching and ETA staffing, to provide support for more groups of children.
Updating current practices in English and Maths to promote accelerated and good progress under the Curriculum 2014
To allow every child, no matter their financial circumstances, to experience a range of opportunities, including: trips, visits, visitors, sporting activities and workshops.

The school also uses money from the School Budget to ensure that the provision for vulnerable pupils is as extensive as possible.

The total Pupil Premium for St Paulinus school for the financial year is: £127,792.91.

Pupil Premium Grant

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Pupil Premium Grant

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Pupil Premium Grant

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Pupil Premium Grant

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