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Relationship and Sex Education

The findings of the questionnaires are as follows:



100% (13/14) of parents said they were comfortable talking to their child’s teacher about any concerns they might have regarding the RSE programme.



100% of parents said they felt that as a result of the presentation they have a good understanding of St Paulinus Catholic Primary School’s RSE programme.


More Information

66% (9/14) of parents said they would like the school to supply parents with information with suggestions on how to talk their child about puberty and 33% said no.

Other Comments

I very much appreciate being invited into school to learn more about how the school is teaching my child. I would have been interested in other subjects earlier in the school as well. Thanks.


An excellent and informative introduction on the new RSE programme in school.


Nice and informative. I am happy that my children are learning about HEALTHY relationships.’

I think the program is a wonderful idea.

If you would like any more information on our RSE programme ‘Journey in Love’ please contact school.