Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a key part of St Paulinus.  We live out our mission to “ live learn and love in the light of Jesus” every day and caring for one another is a key part of that and it is one of the reasons why Family was chosen as one of our 4 core values.

Pastoral care at St Paulinus:

At St Paulinus every adult is concerned with the well-being of each child and other adults in the school.  At times, some children, families and staff will need extra support with their well-being and so we have a strong pastoral offer at St Paulinus.

In the morning, children are often greeted on the gates and doors by staff who welcome them to school.  Routines are clearly set up and any changes are explained to the children, this can be seen in visual timetables that are in every class.

Pupils are fully involved in caring for each other and are taught about healthy relationships and what to do to keep yourself mentally healthy in their lessons.  We even have pupil well-being leaders who have been trained by the Kirklees “Keep in mind” team that will help their peers in times of need.

For children and families that need a little more support, we have a strong nurture team consisting of a Learning mentor and safeguarding lead, a key nurture worker, a catholic care families and children’s well-being officer and access to school nurse when needed.  Families can also access the “Kirklees Keep in mind” parent team and support from external agencies such as family support workers when needed.

Staff well-being is also important to us and the staff well-being team and Kirklees services such as care first, mean that there is help for anyone who needs it in our school.


With all of the above we think, and other external agencies agree, that pastoral care is a huge strength of the school and this is  also reflected in pupil voice when pupils tells us they feel safe and happy at school.


To find out more about our offer – please click the link and see the nurture page of the website