Science – Tooth Decay

In our Animal Including Humans unit, we are conducting a tooth decay experiment. We are monitoring the effect of different liquids on the shell of boiled eggs over time. We chose to test liquids that we drink regularly, these were: water, milk, coke, orange juice, and...

Is the earth round ?

Our topic this half term is Earth and Space. The children looked at various cards and looked for the evidence of whether the earth is flat or spherical as in the olden days people were sceptical about it.

Science 2G

In Science, we have been learning all about Animals including Humans. To help us with this topic we worked in groups to think about the basic needs animals and humans have. We know that to survive we need air, food, and water.                                     ...


Our Topic ‘Forces’ covered gravity, push and pull. To apply the knowledge they acquired, the children constructed parachutes changing variables to improve the efficiency of their parachutes.


We have been investigating rocks and soils. We tested them to see if they were permeable, durable and whether they were high density.