Week commencing 1st July, school will host a Book Fair. It is a great opportunity to select books that will help enhancing your child’s reading.

During the week, the children will have a look at the books to see what could be of interest. After school, they will be visiting it again accompanied by you in order to purchase the books.

There will be a great selection of books on offer to inspire and entertain young readers and earn free books and resources for our school.


Parents can attend the Book Fair after school as follows:
Monday, 1st July EYU
Tuesday, 2nd July Years 1 & 2
Wednesday, 3rd July Years 3 & 4
Thursday, 4th July Years 5 & 6

I look forward to seeing you there and share our enthusiasm for reading by supporting your child
choosing a book.
Thank you very much for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. F. Joyce
English Lead